What makes UNMRKD unique?

We are the first self confessed Neurodivergent owned brand which bases our values around this. We look to provide an inclusive beauty range which takes sensory difficulties and ease in mind! - We are proud to be the first beauty brand to do this! All our ranges have a sensory guide in the descriptions. We take feedback onboard from the whole community to develop products everyone can use and enjoy! Our slogan is “Celebrate different, Be UNMRKD” We hope people can come on a journey with us to find true beauty within themselves before needing to use our products so that they can use them to enjoy rather than feeling like that need to, in order to fit into society’s standards. We hope to create awareness on how wide the spectrum is for autism and adhd! Maybe some of our followers will discover more about themselves in that respect too!


Hannah (left) Copywriter, Rebecca (middle) Founder, Sara (Right) Social media & Content creator


Hey guys! 👋 I decided to set up my business to help me be independent due to having autism and adhd I feel overwhelmed with day to day life so a “normal” job has never been for me. Before UNMRKD beauty I owned a successful law of attraction business which was unfortunately lost to a storage fire. I realised through my own struggles that there is no one out there taking into consideration sensory difficulties when it comes to the beauty industry and also protecting self esteems with marketing. I decided to put my neurodivergent stamp on the industry and set up “UNMRKD Beauty”. I really wanted to use the brand for awareness for a more understanding future for our younger generation and older generation who were missed as children. My biggest hope is that we will reach people out there living with Autism & ADHD without knowing, to help them discover the reasons why they are the way they are and freedom of knowing how their brain works. I like to break the “stigma” i can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told “you don’t look autistic” but that’s the thing, it’s a huge spectrum, one size doesn’t fit all and definitely doesn’t have a look ! but also im on my own personal journey with you guys too, I learn to unmask and love myself more every day, i have created an amazing supportive following. I went from someone hiding behind huge sunglasses (yup even in winter) all the time, to now only needing them for sensory reasons, I show adults can wear ear defenders too, coping methods and explain why all our products have a soloution to or has sensory difficulties in mind through our sensory guides.