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Common Struggles

"My lashes are not lasting me very long"

This could be down to a few reasons but here are our most common...

    •    Your lashes were not clean & free from oil/dirt before application

    •    Not enough bond, try applying a little more bond on your next application

    •    You are not clamping them together after application, this is really important! Once you have finished application use your fingers or your application to clamp the lashes with your natural lashes for a longer lasting finish.    

•    You use a oil based cleanser/serum/eye product – you should not use any oil based products on or near the eyes as this will break the bond down.

    •    You have excessively oily skin especially around the eye area.

We do say unfortunately this lash system won't be for everyone however don't give up! They tend to start lasting longer with each use when you find what works best for you. We are always playing with solutions for longevity but the most common causes are usually incorrect application, oily lids or watery eyes. Dont give up too easily.

"The bond is too sticky, it doesn't seem to be setting"

Too much bond is usually the cause. A light coat along the root of the lashes and across the spine of your under lash will surfice, if you are finding them still to sticky then our bond maximiser sealant will help to remove it.

"The bond won't come off my natural lashes"

Our bond is super sticky due to it being used so you can get longevity out of the lashes and although applying the lashes can be quick we recommend taking your time with removal to look after your natural lashes, as without those we would not be able to use this system. Our Removal Wand works a dream or our liquid bond remover works best and working the lashes almost pinching them into a cotton pad and slowly removing the bond. Going over with a flannel soaked in warm water and being careful not to get it in your eye.

"I noticed some natural lashes come out when I removed the lashes"

Don't panic! our natural lashes shred daily! lashes have a life cycle of 60-90 days! each individual lash is running on its own time, so if lashes appear to come out with the segments providing you have not pulled them then don't panic it was just there time to fall out!

"Whats the best way to remove the lashes from the tray/card?"

Please take extra time removing from Premapped tray. TIP - Bend tray back scoop your finger underneath the segment, holding the other on top of the tray to carefully remove. Do not use applicators or just tug as our lashes are delicate and will break. Same applies to our lashes on card, remove slowly and carefully!

"My first time using them"

Some people crack the application straight away and find it really easy and some it may take a few goes. Perfect application sets you up for maximum wear. If it doesn’t feel comfortable it is due to incorrect application. Make sure the lashes are not on the waterline. We find that lashes may last you longer each time as you learn to apply them better.

"They feel uncomfortable"

The Lashes are lightweight and you should not be able to feel them. if you can feel them then your placement is not correct. They are most likely sat on your waterline which will cause you to feel them and irritation (itchy sensation) Your waterline is a wet and moist area, if they are touching the waterline not only will they be uncomfotable but this will effect how long your lashes last too!

"The sealant is frosting on my lashes"

Are you getting a clear like layer of frost on your lashes due to the sealant? This is because you have most likely applied too bush or not brushed them through with a spoolie afterwards! Spoolie acts like a frost eraser! Apply less next time and give them a brush! Applying the sealant to the applicator tool and then pinching is also a great hack.


Our Favourite Tips & Tricks!

Sticky applicator?

No problem! Avoid getting lashes stuck to the applicator by wiping off any residue in-between each one. Our best hack is using a nail file to remove bond from the applicator quickly and hassle free. Quick & Simple!

Hold the lash right at the top tip with your applicator tool. This will avoid getting your applicator sticky!

Its all about the Bond! Less or More?

Apply our mega lash bond to the root of your lashes with a light coat. Less is definitley more but have a play around to see what works best each time until perfected. You can also apply our bond to the end of the segment like you would a striplash. Dont forget to leave tacky for 20 seconds before placing. It also helps to lift the lid up by the brow or eyelid to expose underneath the lashes. Some people less bond works best, Some people layering it on works best, experiment until you find your perfect balance! Not forgeting you can double up by applying to the natural lash and spine of lash segment for a stronger hold!

Avoiding Oil

Oil breaks down the bond. To avoid natural oils and dirt, prep your lashes prior to application. Do not use an oil based cleanser.

Don't play around with your lashes, you have grease/residue on your hands so you want to avoid getting this on to your lashes often as it will effect how long they last. Clamp them down every night to secure.

To curl or not to curl?

Curling your lashes prior to application although not neccesary is a great tool to expose underneath the natural lash for easier application!


Play around with what works best for you. Work with angles, placement, and scooping them onto the lash. Our favourite tip is to ever so slightly overlap the previous lash. This creates the perfect blend inbetween the lashes. Apply as normal but overlapping the edges of each segment.

Its all in the angle!

Application is all in the angle, its essential for that salon finish to hold your underlash at the correct angle -working to the natural curve of your eye & ensuring your placement is around 1mm -2mm away from your waterline.

Hold the lash right at the top tip with your applicator tool. This will avoid getting your applicator sticky!

Last chance at Longevity! Dont give up just yet!

Have you tried all our tips but still struggling to get longevity out of your lashes? We are the discover our very own signtaure LASH SANDWHICH Technology, simply apply your underlashes as normal and then apply a row over the top too! Because of the super thin band they are still undetectable but give that extra support by locking the natural lashes between the two!

Wet, Wet, Wet!

Avoid getting your lashes wet, if you do get them wet then let them air dry (or we like a cheeky hair dryer on them!) - do not touch them whilst they are wet and then once dry re set & seal.

Act before you seal!

Dont like your placement? Before setting the lashes you can remove placements and reapply. Do not feel overwhelmed, practice makes perfect!


Pinch, Pinch, Pinch – Get into the habit of pinching those lashes using your clean applicator to keep them nice and secure. First thing in the morning and last thing at night before bed is always best. Brush through with spooly afterwards if you like but not essential.

Seal em in!

Bond Maximiser - GAME CHANGER! Helps to “Seal” lashes to create maximum retention! A barrier to protect against things that may break down the lash bond. (The top coat of the lash world) brush through lashes like mascara once applied. Then brush through with spooly! – Optional and lashes are still ok without. Helps remove the stickiness.

Applying the sealant to the applicator tool and then pinching is a great hack.

Want THICK Lashes?

STACKING! If you love a thick lash then stacking is your best friend! We believe to achieve the best Russian/Thick lash effect you should double up (stack) the lashes. Due to the extemley thin band our lashes come on this is undectible and looks amazing! Simply apply like normal then repeat with a second layer, applying the bond to the lash segment spine.

Still struggling? We have some tutorials on our social media grids. Or you can contact us with your issues. Or Come join us in our facebook community we would love to have you!