They are “exactly what they say on the tin”. At-home, long, lengths of lash that you can cut into desired sections and apply by yourself at home in minutes. The best part is however, that they look and feel like professionally-applied extensions and can last up to 7+ days when cared for! – What’s not to love?!

Or they can be worn for one off occasions due to the seamless finish they give as they are applied under your natural lashes. Mix them up, or keep them natural,- create your favourite style and show them off!

Longevity varies from person to person and although we have a high success rate of people they work for we appreciate our lashes for long term use will not suit everyone due to environmental factors such as oily skin and watery eyes etc...

Our "WHY"

Created because of our love for professional lash extensions... Our CEO Rebecca always struggled with individual lash extensions she will pick them off in less than 24hours due to the feeling. With professional extensions already being costly,- this became an extremely costly endeavour for Rebecca. This is somewhat less expensive with strip lashes, (and softer set glue) however, as many will know, strip lashes come with their own set of issues and discomfort,- plus lack of longevity…

Thus, the light-bulb moment came in discovering we could have something in between! – UNDERLASH DIY lash extensions!

From the CEO herself - “I used to sleep in strip lashes & wake up to them half hanging off in the morning.  I would double up on them & I started wearing them underneath my lashes a few years back, but found wear difficult and uncomfortable with the thick band. With UNDERLASH, the lashes are on super thin bands to make them flexible, comfortable and easy to apply…. I have always dreamed of being someone who could wear lash extensions, but due to my own discomfort, I haven’t been successful in wearing them for more than 48 hours. I also have executive dysfunction, so being able to wake up with half the job of doing my face, -being done!- this was a dream for me…Thankfully, UNDERLASH DIY lash extensions have made that finally come true for me!”