We really simpled down our lash range to make it easy for very beginners to understand. Most names describe exactly the lash look and We understood not everyone can process the sizes in mm thats why we also describe our lashes as short, medium , long etc...

The reccomendations below are based on our opinions and lash styles can differ depending on the length ordered.


Lengths Lash Style Reccomendations


  • Super Natural
  • Natural
  • Timeless
  • Pretty
  • Classic


  • Glam
  • Dreamy
  • Spikes
  • Wispy
  • Feathered


Although these are our full lashes we believe to achieve the best Russian effect you should double up (stack) the lashes. Due to the extemley thin band our lashes come on this is undectible and looks amazing!

  • Hybrid
  • Drama
  • Volume
  • Icon
  • Full

Common Styles & Size Questions

Hooded Eyes

C curl is best suited to Hooded eyes due to the fact a D curl has a more exteme curl and depending on the severity could touch the fold. However both Curls are perfect when ordered in size 10-12mm (Short-Medium) for hooded eyes.

Glasess Wearers

D curl lashes are recommended to anyone who wears glasses as they will curl up and not touch the lense. However any Curl is suitable below 14mm (Long) we have found. So we would recommend Short - Medium (10mm-12mm)

Naurally Long Lashes

If you have naturally long lashes we reccomend sizes 14mm+ (Long+) or if you simply just wanted to add volume 12mm (Medium) works great for that!

Lazy Lashing

If you like the look of a mapped lash but dont want to map it out yourself we have got you covered! Check out our pre-cut mapped lashes!

On a budget?

We know times are tough and everyone has different circumstances however, no one should miss out on being able to flaunt DIY lashes so we brought out our budget clusters for this reason!

C or D?

C gives a more natural curl and lengthens the lashes outward. D curls upwards and opens the eye. Both curls are beautiful. If you wear glasses we recommend D curl.

Size Guide

  • 8mm - Extra Short
  • 10mm - Short
  • 12mm - Medium
  • 14mm - Medium-Long
  • 16mm - Long
  • 18mm - Extra Long

The longer the size the thicker & wispier some styles can appear.



DIY Styles...