We like to see it as a statement: UNMRKED = Unmarked which definition is something that has no identity.

Why have we decided to spell it without the A and E? This is where we could make up an incredible response, something that is clever and well thought out but the truth is, we just liked the way it looked so we did it.

Throughout our lives, we are continuously marked by labels, something which our founder Rebecca relates to immensely.

She discovered at the age of 27, she is Autistic and has ADHD too. After spending her childhood and teenage years being labelled with everything, she spent the most of it struggling to understand who she was and hiding behind makeup whilst struggling with low self esteem although it caused her sensory discomfort. Wearing makeup allowed Rebecca to “Mask” and fit into a society she was struggling to belong in.

We do believe that identification can also be a positive thing and should be celebrated. Rebecca identified herself as being neuorodivergent and since then, has felt at ease in her home and didn’t feel alone - she said she believes the helped boost her self esteem and help her to overcome her fear of going on tiktok live to show off the products.

This is the very beginning of our journey and we can’t wait to expand and grow with you all, creating awareness for things you don’t see very often in this industry but should. We want to share and tell your stories, normalise and celebrate our own identities and most importantly, you get to decide how you use our products, of course, we will have a guide but there are no set rules.

Working alongside our Founder, Rebecca, there is an amazing team filled with co founders and members which share similar values and beliefs. Collectively, they all share a lot of experience in the beauty industry which allows them to bring you the best but better and truly make it special.

Identifying beauty by the way a person looks is not the way we work round here, we are UNMRKD and we embrace beauty in everything. We are a little bit of everything all in one and you get to decide how you use or perceive us!


Love from...

Hannah (left), Rebecca (middle), Sara (right)